As the first aggregation OLT in the industry, the SmartAX MA5683T series products integrate the aggregation and switching functions, provide the high-density GPON and Ethernet P2P access, abundant GE/10GE ports, high precision clock and strong platform c

Category: OLT

Large-capacity platform with Access and Aggregation Integration

  • Developed based on the iMAP hardware platform and the IAS software platform of Huawei, the MA5683T series product takes on the advanced architecture and design.
  • The switching capacity of the backplane is up to 3.2 Tbit/s, and the bidirectional switching capacity of the control board is up to 480 Gbit/s.
  • High density GE/10GE interfaces for cascading, up to 36*10GE or 384*GE interfaces, no need for additional investment of aggregation switches.
  • Each GPBD board supports eight GPON ports, based on the 1:128 split ratio, the single subrack supports up to 8K ONTs. In 2012, Huawei will launch 16-port GPON board which can supports 16K ONTs.
  • Sharing the development platform with Huawei's broadband access devices, the MA5680T series product support the Layer 2 and Layer 3 features of the broadband access devices to provide user-oriented and future-oriented functions.
  • GE/GPON/NGPON coexisting on the same platform.
  • Aggregation switches.


Any Access

  • Large capacity IPTV service provision, 8K multicast users and 4K multicast channels and 2k concurrent multicast channels.
  • HQoS support 3-level QoS (Different ISP/ service/user) guarantees OLT wholesale.
  • Traditional E1 service access, Native TDM or CESoP for traditional E1 service of enterprise and mobile base station access.
  • E-LAN function for local traffic inter-connection, meet the requirements of enterprise and campus network.

Powerful integrated GPON access capability

  • Supports high bandwidth. The downstream rate is up to 2.488 Gbit/s and the upstream rate is up to 1.244 Gbit/s.
  • Supports long distance. The maximum physical transmission distance of the ONT is 60 km. The physical distance between the farthest ONT and the nearest ONT can be up to 20 km.
  • Supports high split ratio. The 8-port GPON board supports 1:128 split ratio, which increases the access capacity and saves the optical fiber resources.
  • Support high density. The MA5600T series provides the 8-port and 16-port GPON board to increase the system capacity.



Dimensions (H x W x D)

442 mm x 283.2 mm x 263.9 mm

Operating Environment

–40°C to 65°C
5% RH to 95% RH

Power Supply

Dual-power supply protection
Operating voltage range of –38.4V to –72V

Switching Capacity — Backplane Bus

1.5 Tbit/s (H801MABO)
2 Tbit/s (H802MABO)

Access Capacity

· 384 x ADSL2+

· 384 x VDSL2

· 192 x EFM SHDSL

· 96 x TDM SHDSL

· 384 x POTS

· 192 x ISDN BRA

· 64 x ISDN PRA

· 96 x 10G GPON

· 48 x GPON

· 288 x P2P FE

· 288 x P2P GE

Port Type

Upstream ports: 10 GE optical and GE optical/electrical ports
Service ports: 10G GPON optical port, GPON optical port, P2P FE optical port, P2P GE optical port, and Ethernet optical port, ADSL2+ port, VDSL2 port, SHDSL port, POTS port, and ISDN port

System Performance

· Layer 2/Layer 3 line-rate forwarding

· Static route, RIP, OSPF, and MPLS

· Clock synchronization schemes: BITS, E1, STM-1, Ethernet clock synchronization, 1588v2, and 1PPS + ToD

· GPON Maximum split ratio of 1:128

· 10G PON Maximum split ratio of 1:256

· GPON Maximum logical distance between devices: 60 km

· XG PON Maximum logical distance between devices: 100 km